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Loans without paychecks for housewives, how to get them

 Among the most niche market segments in the world of credit, but which have experienced a significant increase in requests in recent years, there are loans without paychecks for housewives, a form of financing to support unexpected expenses, or small businesses extra women who take care of the house and the family. Obviously when we talk about loans without paychecks for housewives, the subject in question must still have a salary or income, maybe not certifiable or demonstrable but that exists, and with which you can pay the monthly installments. Let’s see together how to get these loans without paychecks for housewives, offered by many of the most important lenders in the market, such as Agos, Findomestic and others.

The figure of the guarantor

The figure of the guarantor

The easiest way for a housewife to obtain a loan without a paycheck is to have a guarantor that acts as a direct lender in the event of insolvency on the part of the debtor: credit institutions usually prefer guarantors with a co- obligor contract , according to which the bank, in the event of insolvency, may take action against both the parties, the applicant and the guarantor. The choice of the guarantor can be differentiated according to the needs that led to the loan request, and they are recognized by two types:

  • Loan for personal needs, for which the guarantor may be the person closest to the applicant, such as the husband, if the latter does not have other loans in progress in his name and his salary is not already committed for more than 50 one hundred.
  • Loan for family needs, for which the guarantor can not be the closest person to the applicant, and it is necessary to contact a third party.

Loans without guarantor: the revolving card

Loans without guarantor: the revolving card

If you do not have the possibility to have a guarantor, there is another possible option for housewives to get a loan without a paycheck: this is the rechargeable revolving card, a type of loan that allows you to get a small amount, usually up to 1,500 euros, with the possibility of repaying the capital provided with a convenient repayment plan made of small monthly installments. An ideal financing solution to manage a sum independently without the need to address a guarantor. Currently on the market there are numerous revolving card solutions designed for housewives, or more generally for those who do not have a demonstrable income, but it is good to pay attention to interest rate , TAN and APR , which can vary significantly depending on the financial company to which you address.

How much can you request

What sum can a housewife request in this type of financing without a paycheck? If with the revolving card we saw that they are small amounts, through the figure of the guarantor the sums can go up a bit ‘more: on average, being micro-credit, the figures paid range from 200 to 2000 euros , with amortization plans that they generally do not exceed 24 months or in any case with a reduced number of monthly installments, but if the financial and economic position of the guarantor is solid, the amounts may rise up to € 5 thousand , depending on the possibilities contemplated by the individual credit institution.

Waivers for the Phone – Where to Call for a Loan?

The growing loan industry does not owe this situation to only one group of clients. Although online loans are constantly gaining popularity, it is still not the only form of borrowing money that is gaining attention. It’s worth exchanging phone calls here. Which companies are providing them?

Who offers payday loans?

Considering the diverse tastes of consumers, there are a lot of companies on the loan market that have in their offers the possibility of borrowing by phone. Conditions and rules for obtaining a commitment in this way are of course differentiated and set individually. It is worth adding that in this group there are mainly large companies, enjoying the trust of customers and an established position.

Among the many factors that explain the popularity of loans in recent years, convenience is the key. People are increasingly looking for a commitment, looking at loans and payday loans, because they can be obtained quickly and without a lot of effort. In contrast to the classic bank, you do not need to search for a stationary facility, devote time to travel, often waiting in the queue and signing or presenting many documents.

Loan companies are trying to offer the most simplified application and verification stage. Besides, the advantage of many loans is to be able to get them without leaving your home. And in fact, there are many companies on the market that do not require the customer to move from the place to successfully obtain the expected loan.

Therefore, by rejecting the stationary minutes that you receive at the beginning, there are therefore short-stays by SMS and payday notes on the phone. And this group of the latter will be described in today’s text.

Waiting for a call – how does it work?

Waiting for a call - how does it work?

The method of getting a payday phone is still popular among consumers who are suspicious of electronic finance services or simply – they do not have access to the internet or the computer at any given time. Instead of a mouse and a computer, they prefer to pick up the phone and apply for a loan through a phone call.

The operation of such a service is quite simple. Instead of clicking on subsequent commands on the monitor screen, the consumer connects directly to the company’s consultant. Ten, he talks with the willing for a loan. Instead of entering your details into the form, the consumer provides verbally needed personal data – name, surname, address, PESEL number or telephone number.

In addition, there should be other verification data, standard for the loan application. In turn, these are most often information about earnings, seniority and the form of the contract, what this employment relationship regulates.

The advantages of this method

The advantages of this method

Mentioning the reasons for the ongoing popularity of payday telephones, it is worth concretising the issue of advantages and disadvantages of this method for borrowing money.

  • You do not need to leave your home and make appointments with company consultants.
  • All you need is a mobile phone and possibly a card with saved personal data.
  • The process is fast, safe and convenient.
  • In case of any doubts or questions, you can discuss them on a regular basis during a conversation with an employee of a loan company.
  • In the case of not being a new customer of a given company, the verification stage is omitted, which makes phone calls even easier to obtain.

Disadvantages of payday loans on the phone

Disadvantages of payday loans on the phone

However, it is impossible to ignore the issue of defects that you need to be aware of before applying for a phone.

  • The connection is paid, and the costs of the conversation can be much higher than for other calls.
  • Many companies offer loans to the phone only for second and subsequent customers, which significantly limits the coverage of this service for new borrowers.
  • If the lender allows the giving of payday loans to new customers, then he will still have to verify the consumer’s data using a different method – the Internet. Obtaining a payday on the phone is then impossible, because it is necessary to use a computer.
  • In addition, more and more loan companies offer payday debts over the internet, which provides an automatic algorithm. As a result, they can be obtained 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In the case of payday loans for a phone call, getting money is only possible on business days when the company’s consultants work at certain times.

Online Loan in 15 min – Check Non-bank Loan Offers – Payday Loans

Lenders’ requirements


The requirements of each lender differ slightly. However, the features that connect all companies gathered in our ranking are the lack of any formalities related to granting loans, no verification of place of work and income, and instant decision in 15 minutes. Thanks to this, everyone can get money online to fulfill their dreams. If you are looking for more offers, articles and information on check-ins online, check their website.

Advantages of online loans in 15 minutes

Advantages of online loans in 15 minutes

Loans over the Internet have a lot of advantages. The most important are:

  • withdrawal of funds in 15 minutes
  • no verification by the employer
  • no phone verification
  • automatic loan decision
  • first loan for free
  • a lot of companies to choose from, so you can use the first loan free several times.

All these arguments decide that more and more people decide to apply for loans via the Internet, also when they have the opportunity to obtain a loan from the bank.

How to choose a good non-banking company?

How to choose a good non-banking company?

A large number of non-bank companies on the market makes it more and more difficult to choose the right offer for your needs. So how do you take loans so that you do not regret later? The best way is at the beginning definitely on the “first loan for free” offer. It is offered by the vast majority of lenders. It is a promotion for new customers, which is to encourage them to take advantage of the new offer. Thanks to this, contact data such as an email can be sent to which you can send offers encouraging you to take the next, already paid loan. This strategy as you can see works great, because almost all companies have introduced it to their offer. If you are applying for a non-bank loan, but you have already used all free debits, nothing is lost. 

What is APR?

What is APR?

APY that is Actual Annual Interest Rate is popular used for installment loans and loans. When it comes to quick payday loans has little use. This is because even at a small expense for a 30-day APR, the APRC grows to absurd in a year. At present, there is no equivalent of APY in Poland for loans for a period of 30 to 60 days. It is worth looking at our eastern neighbors, ie Ukraine, where instead of the actual annual interest rate, the daily interest rate for loans for a short period is given. On the Ukrainian market, the payday costs from 0.4% to 2% per day.

Is a free loan online in 15 minutes really free

Is a free loan online in 15 minutes really free

Will not we be charged with fees when choosing a free time card? In case you use our ranking – yes. These companies have been personally tested and tested under the account of fees and honesty. We can therefore vouch for each of them that you do not actually pay for your first loan. Of course, there are some hooks for this. And what? Well, by registering for the first time, it is necessary to mark the consent for the processing of data for marketing purposes. So in exchange for a free loan, we enable the lender to send us your offers. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. This is a kind of “price” because some customers will use the offers and take a second, already paid loan. Hook number 2 and, fortunately last, it weaves loans on time. In the case of a client who is late with repayment of even one day, the costs will be calculated as in a normal loan. It is worth having this in mind and pay off your payday time.

What are payday loans, or quick online loans?

What are payday loans, or quick online loans?

When trying to get quick loans online, it’s worth knowing what their definition is. Very often it happens that people looking for a loan or installment offers enter into the browser password, payday loans or online loans. It causes that they do not achieve satisfactory search results. A momentary is, in simple words, a loan granted for a period from 1, 30, 45, 60, 61, 62 and 65 days. The most popular form is 30 days. The maximum amount is small, usually intended for repayment of current receivables. It oscillates between 1000, 3000, 5000 and 6000 PLN. The first loan, however, is usually no more than PLN 3,000. All short-term companies to best assess the creditworthiness of the borrower check the debtors’ database. They receive from them information about current and current liabilities and debts. In the case of BIK, the history goes back 5 years. In order for a loan decision to be made within 15 minutes, the application is usually processed automatically. No verification of the employer and telephone verification of the borrower.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans

In other words, quick loans, available in most cases via the Internet. Waterpumps are available for small amounts from 100 to 6000 zlotys, with a repayment period of no more than two months. The standard period is 30 days. Loans on the Internet are beginning to enjoy increasing demand and liking. This is due to the fact that many customers are moving away from traditional forms of borrowing that were popular a few years ago. Of course, loans at the customer’s home and loans at the credit point are still of interest, especially when issuing installment loans, but the situation will probably change in the near future. From year to year, the value of loans granted by non-bank companies that only work on the Internet increases.

Payday loan: what is the best personal loan of 2019?

A complete guide that will allow you to identify the best personal loan of 2019. We will see the characteristics of the products offered by the main companies, the way to see which is the most convenient financing based on the requirements, the amount that can be requested and the duration that we can choose.

Payday loan than 2019: how to locate it?

Cheaper loan than 2019: how to locate it?

If you are looking for a personal loan, the first thing you will surely notice is the huge amount of financial products offered to us by the various companies. For those who need funding, each credit institution defines characteristics for their personal loan, which of course presents us as the best solution to our problems. This is part of the world of loans, as well as any other product, in which every company wants to convince us to buy from her convincing that it is the best product in circulation. Obviously each of us wants to find the most convenient financing, but how do we find the best loan ever among those available in this 2019? The answer to this question is certainly not immediate, and that is why we want to present a complete analysis of the various financial products currently available.

The first thing that is good to specify is that there is no personal loan that is better at all. In this case, in fact, all customers would choose to contact the company that offers this super convenient treatment and the other banks would be forced to revise their proposal for funding. The cheaper loan of 2019 depends on what are your needs and the guarantees you can present to the bank to get the money you need. The first aspect to consider when identifying the ideal loan is the one related to the requirements. Each credit institution defines the characteristics that the customer must have in order to have access to credit. These requirements can be more or less restrictive, for example regarding the age of the customer, so that the maximum threshold can be more or less high. As for the income guarantees necessary to be able to access the credit, sometimes it is necessary to be employed or retired, so as to be able to guarantee the bank a constant income every month. In other cases the self-employed or even the unemployed can receive the desired funding. Therefore, in order to identify the best personal loan 2019 it is important to verify the requisites necessary to present the request for funding.

Once we have identified the loan options to which we can have access, we must evaluate the characteristics to identify the most convenient according to our needs. In particular, an aspect that varies according to the company to which we address is the minimum and maximum amount that we can request. In fact, sometimes we need a mini loan, and some banks have a minimum threshold higher than the amount we are interested in. If instead the amount we need is quite high, it may happen that some financial institutions have a maximum amount that is too low for our needs. Finally, another very important aspect to be assessed is the duration that we can choose for our loan. This is also closely linked to the repayment installment that we are going to pay, given that the higher the duration and the lower the monthly payment will be fixed. Considering that the durations between which we can choose depend on the bank to which we address, this is also a fundamental parameter for identifying the most convenient loan in 2019.

Best cost-effective personal loan of 2019 for employees and pensioners

Best cost-effective personal loan of 2019 for employees and pensioners

If you are looking for a personal loan and you are a salaried or retired worker, then you will most likely have no problem receiving the money you need. These two categories of customers are in fact the best for a bank that must provide financing. Employees and pensioners are the only ones who can guarantee the company an insured monthly income. This is the reason why if you are part of these two categories then you can choose the cheapest loan of 2019 according to your needs. The best form of financing is undoubtedly that which takes the name of assignment of the fifth.

The main feature of this form of financing is to provide fixed repayment installments that never exceed one fifth, ie 20%, of the salary or pension received by the client. This means that you can be sure that the expense you will have to face every month will not be too high, and therefore you will not have particular problems to face it. In addition, the payment of the installments will take place automatically, through the deduction by the bank of the monthly amount due from us. If you are an employee or retired person, you will be spoiled for choice between personal loans offered to you by the various companies. So let’s see what are the best personal loans of 2019 according to your needs.

Best 2019 loan for the amount that can be requested

As we have already said, one of the main aspects to consider when choosing our ideal financing is the amount we can request. Personal loans are non-finalized loans, which are then paid directly to the customer’s current account and do not provide for any restrictions on the expenditure that is to be incurred with the money received. Usually the maximum amount that we can request is 30,000 euros, which is the threshold set by most companies. If you need a higher amount, then the personal loan that suits you is what is offered to us by Astrofinance. In this case, in fact, the amount that can be requested is even twice that usually fixed, since we can receive up to 60,000 euros. As pointed out on the bank’s website, it is an ideal financing for different needs, such as the purchase of a car or a motorbike, the renovation of one’s home, the purchase of furniture and appliances, or the organization of ceremonies and so on. In short, if the feature you are looking for in your personal loan is to allow you to request a high amount, then you must definitely contact Astrofinance.

Payday loan of 2019 based on the applied interest rates

Another aspect of fundamental importance is that of the convenience of personal loans, in particular with regard to interests. If the loan management costs are quite similar among the main companies, the same can not be said for the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. To find the most convenient financing, our advice is to request a quote online using the simulators available on the websites of the various companies. By entering the desired amount and choosing the duration that suits you, you can see the interest rates applied next to the repayment installment. Undoubtedly in this sense the best choice to make is that of Inps loans (formerly Inpdap). These loans are facilitated for employees and pensioners and therefore the rates are set by the National Institute of Social Security and applied by companies that have joined the INPS. These include, for example, Ultranix, BNL, Compass, Astrofinance, Dinieso, yobank, bankate and Onecredit. So you can also request a quote online to different banks to see which offers the most convenient rates, based on the amount and duration chosen.

Best loan for retired people for maximum age allowed

For all pensioners who are looking for a personal loan, a particularly important aspect concerns the maximum age allowed to be able to apply for a loan. This is also an aspect that varies depending on the partner we are addressing, even if it is usually set at 75, as happens for example for Astrofinance and Ultranix. If you are looking for a company that allows you to receive a personal loan even if you are older than this, then the loan for you is probably the one offered by Compass. In this case, in fact, the loan request can be presented by transferring the fifth of the pension up to 85 years at the end of the repayment. Therefore the maximum age at the time of the request is equal to the difference between 85 and the number of years of loan term. So if, for example, your loan is five years you can apply for up to 80 years, while if it is annual even up to 84 years.

2019 cheaper payday loan for self-employed workers

If you need a loan but you are without a paycheck, then the situation will be slightly different. In this case, in fact, you will have to provide an income guarantee alternative to salary and pension, and obviously you can not choose the assignment of the fifth as a type of financing. So what to do to get the loan cheaper if you are self-employed ? The document that will be required by most banks is the declaration of income, so at the time of the request you will have to deliver the Unique Model. If in the case of classic loans there were no particular problems, for the self-employed the bank will have to make some assessments before granting the desired funding. Unlike employees and retirees, self-employed workers can not guarantee a fixed income every month and therefore it will be slightly more complicated to fix the monthly repayment installment that can be dealt with by the client. To do so will be considered the gains obtained in recent years and based on these will be estimated the economic availability of the customer for each month. At this point the monthly payment will be fixed and therefore also the amount that can be requested through a personal loan.

All major companies, such as Astrofinance, Ultranix and Compass, offer their customers the possibility of receiving a payroll-free financing for self-employed workers. So to find the cheapest loan of 2019 you will have to use the online simulator available on the websites of the various banks. Our advice is then to go to the bank to request a detailed estimate, before proceeding with the request for funding. The online estimate will allow us to calculate only an estimate of the characteristics of the loan offered to us by the bank. In the case of loans for employees the treatment that will be offered to us will depend a lot on what are the income of the last year. A customer who can guarantee the company higher earnings will obviously get better treatment than one who usually earns less. For this reason we recommend that you make an appointment at your bank, choosing the closest branch to your home and the most convenient time for you. Subsequently, simply go to the bank bringing with you the tax return and presenting your situation and your needs to a completely dedicated consultant. This expert in the sector will be able to present you a detailed estimate of the 2019 cheaper payday loan based on any active promotions.

Best economic loans for unemployed people without income guarantees

Best economic loans for unemployed people without income guarantees

The category of clients that, as you can imagine, finds the biggest problems in obtaining a loan without paychecks is that of the unemployed. As we have already told you, all banks and financial institutions require more or less restrictive income requirements according to their own regulations. This is the reason why the unemployed usually can not receive any funding. Fortunately, there are solutions to present the request even without a paycheck or other income guarantees. The alternative guarantee that is accepted by most banks is the signature of a guarantor. In this case, a relative or friend will allow us to obtain the financing we need. The guarantor must present an income document in our place, and commit to pay any installments that we have not been able to deal with. So it will be a considerable risk for the person who will undertake to guarantee for us, in fact usually this loan option is exploited by young people who present as a guarantor a parent or relative.

Alternatively, among the best loans of 2019 for the unemployed are private loans. In this case, soluutamente the required requirements are much less restrictive than the case in which we turn to a bank. For example, an option that will also allow the unemployed to get the money they want is for loans that have been changed. The main feature of this solution is to provide for a reimbursement through the payment of bills issued by the dispenser of the requested sum of money. It will be the bill itself to constitute a guarantee for the creditor, as through the affixing of the revenue stamp the bill is in effect an enforceable title. This means that in the event of failure to pay by the due date specified on the bill itself, the lender will have every right to proceed with enforcement actions to request foreclosure of the debtor’s assets. It should be stressed that this is not the most convenient form of loan available on the market, as it usually does not provide particularly low interest rates. However many times it is the only solution that will allow you to get the money you need if you are unemployed.




Online loans up to PLN 8,000 – Quick Internet Loan | Fast Cash

What are loans and why are they convenient?

What are loans and why are they convenient?

Online loans provided by non-banking companies, such as Fast Cash, are modern financial products, which are a response to the current demand for quick and uncomplicated access to money. Thanks to modern technologies, payday loans via the Internet are a simple and convenient way to solve difficult financial situations. All you have to do is apply online and a quick loan can be in your account within 15 minutes! The comfort afforded by the possibility of obtaining such an instant financial support is now the weight of gold!

Why Fast Cash?

Why Fast Cash?

Are you wondering why you should take advantage of our offer and why our loan via the Internet is unique? The answer is simple and is in our name. The quick cash we offer is the result of an efficiently constructed verification system that allows you to quickly process your application and transfer your online loan to your account even faster. Because we not only provide loans, we deliver them quickly. Fast Cash guarantees express, easy, convenient and completely safe access to financial products, such as online loans!
Read more…

No. Loan The maximum amount Maximum period APRC (30 days)
First 6000 PLN up to 65 days 0%
Second PLN 8,000 up to 65 days 1968%
third PLN 8,000 up to 65 days 1968%
Fourth PLN 8,000 up to 65 days 1968%
Fifth PLN 8,000 up to 65 days 0%

And that’s not all! What else do we have in store?
Easy access

  • The possibility of registration via Facebook;
  • Minimal formalities;
  • Wide access channels: internet loan platform, e-mail, telephone.

A unique offer

  • The first loan is completely free!
  • We provide loans with a repayment period from 1 day to 65 days
  • We guarantee assistance in refinancing the loan!

Bonuses for regular customers

  • Favorable loyalty programs – every 5th loan free!
  • Quick loan applications via SMS and telephone;
  • Bonus for commands.

How to get a loan – 4 simple steps

How to get a loan - 4 simple steps

Are you 18 years old, Polish citizenship, a bank account in a Polish bank, a mobile phone and internet access? If so, you will get our online loan in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select the amount and the loan repayment period, which you just need to mark on the calculator located at the beginning of the page.
  2. Fill out the registration form or register by FB.
  3. The next step is the instant verification of the bank account by the BlueMedia website.
  4. Now you only have to wait for a while and the quick loan is already in your account.

Loans up to PLN 8,000 for everyone!

How to get a loan - 4 simple steps

Someone says that the on-line loan is short-term and is granted for small amounts? If so, he has made a mistake or has very outdated information! At least when it comes to Quick Cash loans. Our company not only offers non-bank loans with a repayment period exceeding 2 months. With us, everyone can borrow from PLN 100 to even PLN 8,000. Do not hesitate! Check out our offer and see how fast online loans look like, designed for everyone and tailored to the individual needs of each!

Short-time Loans

Refinancing the loan, delay in repayment of the loan, request for repayment

Refinancing the loan, delay in repayment of the loan, request for repayment

The borrower has the option of using a refinancing loan. Refinancing takes place after the Borrower has paid the appropriate amount for using the service depending on the amount of the refinanced loan and the period for which the refinancing is to be made. The full cost of refinancing is available after logging into the Customer Area.

Interest for untimely payment of the loan is calculated in double the amount of statutory interest for delay specified in art. 481 § 2 (1) of the Civil Code, ie twice the sum of the reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 5.5 percentage points. In the event of a change resulting from a change in the amount of interest referred to in art. 481 of the Civil Code, the Borrower will inform the Borrower of this change immediately after its occurrence.

The borrower will be requested to pay the overdue amounts by contacting by phone, sending an SMS, e-mail or a written request for payment. The costs related to the delay are compliant with the Framework Agreement concluded with the Lender via Lendon. The Borrower will be charged for the costs of the recovery of the Loan in court proceedings.

In the case of joint fulfillment of the conditions set out in Article 14 or 16 or 17 of the Act of 9 April 2010 on sharing business information and exchange of economic data (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 530, as amended) in the event of failure to repay a loan or delays in repayment The lender may provide information about the Borrower’s obligations to the Economic Information Bureaus, which may affect the Borrower’s creditworthiness. The Borrower’s data are forwarded to the Economic Information Bureaus on the basis of a written agreement on access to economic information concluded by the Lender with the Economic Information Bureau and based on the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Act on disclosure of economic information and exchange of economic data.

Dispute settelement:

Dispute settelement:

The entity competent for out-of-court settlement of a dispute arising from the contract concluded between the consumer and the Lender is the Financial Ombudsman. 

The ODR platform facilitates independent, impartial, transparent, effective, quick and fair out-of-court resolution of disputes between consumers and businesses online.

Personal data:

Depending on the voluntary consent for marketing activities and also in connection with the loan agreement, the Borrower’s data will be disclosed to the Lender’s business partners authorized to process them.

Providing data by the Borrower is voluntary. Each person has the right to request access to their personal data, rectification, deletion, processing restrictions and their transfer. Each person has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection and object to the processing of his personal data. Each person has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of marketing and processing based on automated decision making including profiling. More information regarding personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy .