Loans without paychecks for housewives, how to get them

 Among the most niche market segments in the world of credit, but which have experienced a significant increase in requests in recent years, there are loans without paychecks for housewives, a form of financing to support unexpected expenses, or small businesses extra women who take care of the house and the family. Obviously when we talk about loans without paychecks for housewives, the subject in question must still have a salary or income, maybe not certifiable or demonstrable but that exists, and with which you can pay the monthly installments. Let’s see together how to get these loans without paychecks for housewives, offered by many of the most important lenders in the market, such as Agos, Findomestic and others.

The figure of the guarantor

The figure of the guarantor

The easiest way for a housewife to obtain a loan without a paycheck is to have a guarantor that acts as a direct lender in the event of insolvency on the part of the debtor: credit institutions usually prefer guarantors with a co- obligor contract , according to which the bank, in the event of insolvency, may take action against both the parties, the applicant and the guarantor. The choice of the guarantor can be differentiated according to the needs that led to the loan request, and they are recognized by two types:

  • Loan for personal needs, for which the guarantor may be the person closest to the applicant, such as the husband, if the latter does not have other loans in progress in his name and his salary is not already committed for more than 50 one hundred.
  • Loan for family needs, for which the guarantor can not be the closest person to the applicant, and it is necessary to contact a third party.

Loans without guarantor: the revolving card

Loans without guarantor: the revolving card

If you do not have the possibility to have a guarantor, there is another possible option for housewives to get a loan without a paycheck: this is the rechargeable revolving card, a type of loan that allows you to get a small amount, usually up to 1,500 euros, with the possibility of repaying the capital provided with a convenient repayment plan made of small monthly installments. An ideal financing solution to manage a sum independently without the need to address a guarantor. Currently on the market there are numerous revolving card solutions designed for housewives, or more generally for those who do not have a demonstrable income, but it is good to pay attention to interest rate , TAN and APR , which can vary significantly depending on the financial company to which you address.

How much can you request

What sum can a housewife request in this type of financing without a paycheck? If with the revolving card we saw that they are small amounts, through the figure of the guarantor the sums can go up a bit ‘more: on average, being micro-credit, the figures paid range from 200 to 2000 euros , with amortization plans that they generally do not exceed 24 months or in any case with a reduced number of monthly installments, but if the financial and economic position of the guarantor is solid, the amounts may rise up to € 5 thousand , depending on the possibilities contemplated by the individual credit institution.

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