Payday loan: what is the best personal loan of 2019?

A complete guide that will allow you to identify the best personal loan of 2019. We will see the characteristics of the products offered by the main companies, the way to see which is the most convenient financing based on the requirements, the amount that can be requested and the duration that we can choose.

Payday loan than 2019: how to locate it?

Cheaper loan than 2019: how to locate it?

If you are looking for a personal loan, the first thing you will surely notice is the huge amount of financial products offered to us by the various companies. For those who need funding, each credit institution defines characteristics for their personal loan, which of course presents us as the best solution to our problems. This is part of the world of loans, as well as any other product, in which every company wants to convince us to buy from her convincing that it is the best product in circulation. Obviously each of us wants to find the most convenient financing, but how do we find the best loan ever among those available in this 2019? The answer to this question is certainly not immediate, and that is why we want to present a complete analysis of the various financial products currently available.

The first thing that is good to specify is that there is no personal loan that is better at all. In this case, in fact, all customers would choose to contact the company that offers this super convenient treatment and the other banks would be forced to revise their proposal for funding. The cheaper loan of 2019 depends on what are your needs and the guarantees you can present to the bank to get the money you need. The first aspect to consider when identifying the ideal loan is the one related to the requirements. Each credit institution defines the characteristics that the customer must have in order to have access to credit. These requirements can be more or less restrictive, for example regarding the age of the customer, so that the maximum threshold can be more or less high. As for the income guarantees necessary to be able to access the credit, sometimes it is necessary to be employed or retired, so as to be able to guarantee the bank a constant income every month. In other cases the self-employed or even the unemployed can receive the desired funding. Therefore, in order to identify the best personal loan 2019 it is important to verify the requisites necessary to present the request for funding.

Once we have identified the loan options to which we can have access, we must evaluate the characteristics to identify the most convenient according to our needs. In particular, an aspect that varies according to the company to which we address is the minimum and maximum amount that we can request. In fact, sometimes we need a mini loan, and some banks have a minimum threshold higher than the amount we are interested in. If instead the amount we need is quite high, it may happen that some financial institutions have a maximum amount that is too low for our needs. Finally, another very important aspect to be assessed is the duration that we can choose for our loan. This is also closely linked to the repayment installment that we are going to pay, given that the higher the duration and the lower the monthly payment will be fixed. Considering that the durations between which we can choose depend on the bank to which we address, this is also a fundamental parameter for identifying the most convenient loan in 2019.

Best cost-effective personal loan of 2019 for employees and pensioners

Best cost-effective personal loan of 2019 for employees and pensioners

If you are looking for a personal loan and you are a salaried or retired worker, then you will most likely have no problem receiving the money you need. These two categories of customers are in fact the best for a bank that must provide financing. Employees and pensioners are the only ones who can guarantee the company an insured monthly income. This is the reason why if you are part of these two categories then you can choose the cheapest loan of 2019 according to your needs. The best form of financing is undoubtedly that which takes the name of assignment of the fifth.

The main feature of this form of financing is to provide fixed repayment installments that never exceed one fifth, ie 20%, of the salary or pension received by the client. This means that you can be sure that the expense you will have to face every month will not be too high, and therefore you will not have particular problems to face it. In addition, the payment of the installments will take place automatically, through the deduction by the bank of the monthly amount due from us. If you are an employee or retired person, you will be spoiled for choice between personal loans offered to you by the various companies. So let’s see what are the best personal loans of 2019 according to your needs.

Best 2019 loan for the amount that can be requested

As we have already said, one of the main aspects to consider when choosing our ideal financing is the amount we can request. Personal loans are non-finalized loans, which are then paid directly to the customer’s current account and do not provide for any restrictions on the expenditure that is to be incurred with the money received. Usually the maximum amount that we can request is 30,000 euros, which is the threshold set by most companies. If you need a higher amount, then the personal loan that suits you is what is offered to us by Astrofinance. In this case, in fact, the amount that can be requested is even twice that usually fixed, since we can receive up to 60,000 euros. As pointed out on the bank’s website, it is an ideal financing for different needs, such as the purchase of a car or a motorbike, the renovation of one’s home, the purchase of furniture and appliances, or the organization of ceremonies and so on. In short, if the feature you are looking for in your personal loan is to allow you to request a high amount, then you must definitely contact Astrofinance.

Payday loan of 2019 based on the applied interest rates

Another aspect of fundamental importance is that of the convenience of personal loans, in particular with regard to interests. If the loan management costs are quite similar among the main companies, the same can not be said for the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. To find the most convenient financing, our advice is to request a quote online using the simulators available on the websites of the various companies. By entering the desired amount and choosing the duration that suits you, you can see the interest rates applied next to the repayment installment. Undoubtedly in this sense the best choice to make is that of Inps loans (formerly Inpdap). These loans are facilitated for employees and pensioners and therefore the rates are set by the National Institute of Social Security and applied by companies that have joined the INPS. These include, for example, Ultranix, BNL, Compass, Astrofinance, Dinieso, yobank, bankate and Onecredit. So you can also request a quote online to different banks to see which offers the most convenient rates, based on the amount and duration chosen.

Best loan for retired people for maximum age allowed

For all pensioners who are looking for a personal loan, a particularly important aspect concerns the maximum age allowed to be able to apply for a loan. This is also an aspect that varies depending on the partner we are addressing, even if it is usually set at 75, as happens for example for Astrofinance and Ultranix. If you are looking for a company that allows you to receive a personal loan even if you are older than this, then the loan for you is probably the one offered by Compass. In this case, in fact, the loan request can be presented by transferring the fifth of the pension up to 85 years at the end of the repayment. Therefore the maximum age at the time of the request is equal to the difference between 85 and the number of years of loan term. So if, for example, your loan is five years you can apply for up to 80 years, while if it is annual even up to 84 years.

2019 cheaper payday loan for self-employed workers

If you need a loan but you are without a paycheck, then the situation will be slightly different. In this case, in fact, you will have to provide an income guarantee alternative to salary and pension, and obviously you can not choose the assignment of the fifth as a type of financing. So what to do to get the loan cheaper if you are self-employed ? The document that will be required by most banks is the declaration of income, so at the time of the request you will have to deliver the Unique Model. If in the case of classic loans there were no particular problems, for the self-employed the bank will have to make some assessments before granting the desired funding. Unlike employees and retirees, self-employed workers can not guarantee a fixed income every month and therefore it will be slightly more complicated to fix the monthly repayment installment that can be dealt with by the client. To do so will be considered the gains obtained in recent years and based on these will be estimated the economic availability of the customer for each month. At this point the monthly payment will be fixed and therefore also the amount that can be requested through a personal loan.

All major companies, such as Astrofinance, Ultranix and Compass, offer their customers the possibility of receiving a payroll-free financing for self-employed workers. So to find the cheapest loan of 2019 you will have to use the online simulator available on the websites of the various banks. Our advice is then to go to the bank to request a detailed estimate, before proceeding with the request for funding. The online estimate will allow us to calculate only an estimate of the characteristics of the loan offered to us by the bank. In the case of loans for employees the treatment that will be offered to us will depend a lot on what are the income of the last year. A customer who can guarantee the company higher earnings will obviously get better treatment than one who usually earns less. For this reason we recommend that you make an appointment at your bank, choosing the closest branch to your home and the most convenient time for you. Subsequently, simply go to the bank bringing with you the tax return and presenting your situation and your needs to a completely dedicated consultant. This expert in the sector will be able to present you a detailed estimate of the 2019 cheaper payday loan based on any active promotions.

Best economic loans for unemployed people without income guarantees

Best economic loans for unemployed people without income guarantees

The category of clients that, as you can imagine, finds the biggest problems in obtaining a loan without paychecks is that of the unemployed. As we have already told you, all banks and financial institutions require more or less restrictive income requirements according to their own regulations. This is the reason why the unemployed usually can not receive any funding. Fortunately, there are solutions to present the request even without a paycheck or other income guarantees. The alternative guarantee that is accepted by most banks is the signature of a guarantor. In this case, a relative or friend will allow us to obtain the financing we need. The guarantor must present an income document in our place, and commit to pay any installments that we have not been able to deal with. So it will be a considerable risk for the person who will undertake to guarantee for us, in fact usually this loan option is exploited by young people who present as a guarantor a parent or relative.

Alternatively, among the best loans of 2019 for the unemployed are private loans. In this case, soluutamente the required requirements are much less restrictive than the case in which we turn to a bank. For example, an option that will also allow the unemployed to get the money they want is for loans that have been changed. The main feature of this solution is to provide for a reimbursement through the payment of bills issued by the dispenser of the requested sum of money. It will be the bill itself to constitute a guarantee for the creditor, as through the affixing of the revenue stamp the bill is in effect an enforceable title. This means that in the event of failure to pay by the due date specified on the bill itself, the lender will have every right to proceed with enforcement actions to request foreclosure of the debtor’s assets. It should be stressed that this is not the most convenient form of loan available on the market, as it usually does not provide particularly low interest rates. However many times it is the only solution that will allow you to get the money you need if you are unemployed.




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